You Smoke Cigars Like An Amateur According To Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a notorious cigar smoker. From appearances on the cover of Cigar Aficiando to winning Cigar Smoker of the Year.

There are two possible images that jump to mind when you picture Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s either got a massive pump as he flexes on the stage of Mr. Universe, or he’s holding a cigar, probably hanging from his mouth and smiling with a puff of smoke around his head.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may as well wear a crown, the man knows how to win.

As a one time world champion body builder, to action star, to governor, we all know the story of how Arnold operates: When he competes, he wins.

As a great man he helps others in their own quest to being great men. In his recent appearance promoting the latest Terminator sequel on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon – Arnold takes a few pot shots at Jim and his illustrious movie career, before explaining how not to smoke a cigar like an amateur.

There are many traditions to cigar smoking, rules, reasons, and myths, but Arnold points out two ways specifically that Jimmy dropped the ball.

Arnold’s Top 2 Cigar Smoking Tips

1. No Coughing – there’s nothing more amateur than coughing to tears after a puff of a fine cigar.

2. No Licking – licking the hand rolled tobacco leaves of $100 cigar does not help it burn slower, it makes you look like an asshole.

The most important Arnold Schwarzenegger rule for smoking a cigar: Look cool.

For Arnold it’s easy to look cool, and he has the cool cigar smoker down to a science.

Put the cigar in your mouth, hold the flame to it while turning it slowly. Puff the smoke as you do and take in your surroundings. Then of course once the cigar is lit, stay cool and don’t cough!

Learn how to light a cigar correctly or look like an amateur in the eyes of the Terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Tips for How To Smoke a Cigar