The Next Great Combat Sport – Giant Robot Fights!

You don’t have to love anime to enjoy the idea of giant robots fighting. In fact it’s been something little boys and girls have enjoyed for ages. Maybe it all comes back to a fascination with toys like rock-em sock-em robots.

rock-em sock-em robots the beginning of robot war fascination

With video games and movies taking this concept to further lengths over time things have evolved tremendously since Meka-Godzilla first battled a giant lizard over Tokyo in 1974.

Beyond old movies like Robot Jox and the build up of the mecha-combat genre, my mind jumps to Neon Genesis Evangelion. A critically acclaimed anime series that aired on TV Tokyo in 1995-1996, this particular series became iconic as it deconstructed the mecha combat genre in an apocalyptic setting.

The most recent large scale hollywood treatment of the genre was Pacific Rim in 2013.

It’s a pretty basic concept… “work together or die”. The international community has banded together each country with their own giant robots with attributes unique and representative of their country. It’s got a simple ‘good guy, bad guy’ mentality, a cooperation and unity theme, and giant robots kicking ass. What’s not to love?

Pacific Rim showed the concept of international development of giant robots to protect the world from monsters

Thankfully we don’t have any giant aliens, or warped monsters to deal with… yet.

But what we do have are robotics, computers, and technology that advancing at a fantastic rate…

and nothing drives innovation like competition.

International Competition

The very first seed has not only been planted, but responded to!

An American robotics company MegaBots Inc. sent a youtube challenge to a Japanese robot making rival Suibodashi Heavy Industry.

The Japanese would not be dishonored… they invented giant robot fighting! So of course, they accepted.

Not only did they accept, they proposed to push things further and create melee combat.

The Future Of Combat Sport

From gladiators in the arena, to MMA fighters in the Octagon, we love combat sports. We always have, we always will.

This robotics challenge could be the beginning of something huge.

Giant robots are… wildly impractical, insanely expensive, and make very little sense to build. Without an alien menace that only giant robots can combat, there’s little point.

International competition, that can get massive corporate sponsorship deals because of huge advertising dollars might be the answer!

This is one simple challenge, but it sets the stage for the first practical giant robot combat sporting event in a future that could be… amazing. If the United States and Japan can gain enough attention for their battle, other countries won’t want to be left out.

The First Historic MatchUSvsJapane-mega-robots

Sets of rules will need to be implemented, the Japanese have already suggested they want to see Melee combat be the standard so that it doesn’t become a game of who can attach a bigger gun.

Eventually a global organization will need to develop to regulate and preside over the fights. The revenue potential and international bragging rights could be enough to force this into reality.

We all need to get behind this! Purchase the pay per view, buy the inevitable merch, and support international robot competition and combat. Because eventually there may be an alien menace, and you’ll want every countries meka combat unit ready to roll!

Personal Note: This is the kind of shit that makes me feel like we are living in the future. And I LOVE IT.