Is The Modern Top Knot Hairstyle The New Man Bun

As the men’s fashion trend of looking like a down on your luck railroad tramp… or… hipster, has come and gone. It left in it’s wake a rash of men who grew their hair out to match their disheveled beards.

As the hipster trend has begun to fade and morph into something new men’s fashion trends demanded an answer to remedy this homeless phenomenon.

If you grew all your locks long, and needed somewhere to put them instead of having Fabio levels of flow, you went to the man bun.


The Man Bun

This is a somewhat hipster trend that persists even now, you can see it with Brock Ohurn the personal trainer who’s instragram account propelled him to become the Internets KING of the man bun.Brock OHurn is the internet king of the manbun. Becoming an icon for men's hairstyle with his massive instagram following.

This is the male hair equivalent of the pony tail. The male pony tail is generally terrible by the way, it’s so rare to pull of it’s simply not worth trying. Maybe some day it will become fashionalbe again, until then let the man bun be your salvation. As long as you fold the hair in on itself once or twice, you are good to go.

Something else happened in 2015 though… men’s hairstyles have been swamped what is essentially an undercut.

The Undercut

Granted it’s not the embarrassing undercut you sported from your discount hairdresser in grade 2 which is also known as the bowl cut.

Remember guys, not all undercuts are created equal. The bowl cut was a trend once, and you probably had one in the 90's.

None the less whether you call it a pompadour or quiff… at the end of the day it’s an undercut. This hairstyle has become so fashionable it’s lead to a lot of men trying to find new ways to manage the extra hair they are sporting on top of their crown.

Enter the latest trend in men’s hair. The topknot.

The TopKnot

It may be a popular men’s hairstyle this year but that doesn’t mean it’s new. In fact it’s so old we associate it with ancient Samurai warriors… which is kind of awesome.

The Top Knot is not a new thing in men's hairstyle. In fact part of the reason we probably like it, is it reminds us of Samurai!

At first the man bun and the top knot might seem like the exact same hairstyle. So let’s sort out the difference between a man bun and a top knot.

Generally speaking, the top knot is higher up on the head than a man bun. The man bun should be more parallel with the ears, or hanging down a bit.

In fact you might even say the king of the manbun is sporting an ungainly top knot most of the time. For the sake of argument, let’s still call it a man bun.

The Modern Top Knot

So taking into account those trends. The modern top knot came into play.

Basically a lot of men grew their hair out for a manbun, or got a clean cut taper undercut that they kept growing out unsure where to go next.


In 2015 the taper fade hairstyle has been incredibly popular among men, so this modern top knot is a fairly natural evolution of style.

Tips to do the top knot hairstyle well:

  1. Have enough hair. If you pull the hair too tight so it looks like it’s ripping out from the front, and who knows, you may expedite male pattern baldness.
  2. Tidy sides and back. Just because you are able to cheat on top and hide your bad haircut in a little top knot, doesn’t mean the sides and back don’t need tending. The least you can do is get a trimmer out and bring it down nice and even. Better yet hit a hairstylist and get a taper or fade to keep things looking tight.
  3. Match your beard.  If you are rocking a beard with a top knot hairstyle than you have to be sure to trim the beard to smoothly blend into your haircut. Or go nuts and have a blunt bushy beard shooting out of a smooth sided head.


Top Knot Hairstyle Trends

Listen guys, the top knot is unlikely to stick around as a good option for men’s hair.

The top knot is an evolution that’s largely come from the popularity of the taper and the man bun. It’s bred of laziness, indecision, or simply trying too hard.

So if you want those long locks, keep your hair stylist on speed dial so they can guide you through growing it out as gracefully as possible.

With long hair you can rock a proper manbun, which is a style that may ebb and flow in popularity, but will always circle back around because it’s practical and relatively timeless in men’s hairstyle history.

Or be aware the time of your top knot trend being over is rapidly approaching.

And for the love of god, don’t try too hard and wear a terrible topknot.

If you can’t pull it off, chop it off.the manbun hairstyle will last the test of time, the topknot is a men's fashion trend that can work. Just be careful to avoid a douche topknot where you try a little too hard.


the manbun hairstyle will last the test of time, the topknot is a men's fashion trend that can work. Just be careful to avoid a douche topknot where you try a little too hard.